• Working together for strong communities

    NIA Community Services Network brings together various stakeholders and audiences, building on diversity as a strength and working in partnership with others to achieve positive results in the communities we serve.

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  • Building and sustaining healthy communities

    To help children thrive and to build, strengthen and sustain individual family and community life, NIA promotes communication and teamwork among community leaders, public officials, educators, businesses, senior citizens and families.

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  • After-School programs

    NIA provides comprehensive after-school services to schools that strengthen youth by providing them with new skills and enrichments to help them grow into confident and capable adults. We offer a safe, encouraging, and stimulating environment where youth can receive academic support, explore new things, and cultivate character and a positive self image.

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  • Focusing on children

    The goals of all NIA after-school programs are to foster positive youth development, teach new skills and encourage exploration and learning. Each child who attends NIA after-school programs is presented with the opportunity to leave feeling special with lasting memories of their time spent having fun, learning and making new friends.

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  • Ft. Hamilton Army Base Salutes NIA

    Fort Hamilton Garrison Commander Colonel Eluyn Ginés (l.), Garrison Command Sergeant Major Hector A. Prince (r.), and Child & Youth Services CLEOS (CYSS Education, Liaison, and Outreach Services) Director Lisa Sheehan presented NIA with a “United States Army Garrison Certificate of Appreciation."

  • Knicks basketball clinic promotes health at Shallow Junior H.S.

    New York Knicks legend John Starks led a basketball clinic for 75 excited students at IS 227. The interactive basketball clinic instilled in students the qualities of good sportsmanship, increased self esteem and emphasized the importance of healthy living and proper nutrition.

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  • NIA counseling and referral service

    Using our proven record and demonstrated knowledge in youth counseling, our counseling service empowers at-risk youth and helps them reduce risk factors and increase protective measures that will aid them in solving problems or responding to difficult situations and stressful life events in a positive way.

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  • Community support services

    NIA promotes an atmosphere of community participation by advocating for positive change that brings diverse stakeholders together to tackle the most pressing challenges of our communities. Our accessible local resource center provides a range of information that links families, senior citizens and businesses to services and opportunities that support and strengthen them.

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  • Senior support services

    NIA offers community-based programs for seniors that promote health and well-being and help seniors to continue to live in the community. Designed to assist seniors to maintain or increase their independence in the security of their own home, we act as a major referral source for our senior community.

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  • NIA programs and services

    NIA programming brings the diverse members and sectors of our communities together for informative presentations; forums to express and exchange their concerns and ideas; special events to view the wonderful artistic performances and galleries created by our youngsters; and to recognize and applaud the outstanding efforts of many of our community members.

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What We Do

NIA's mission, "Building strong children, strong families and strong communities," is evidenced through
our vital work that directly supports and enriches the lives of so many each day. NIA has developed
important partnerships and programs that are designed to help improve the quality of life for all children, youth, families, seniors and businesses.

Thousands of participants are served each year in NIA after-school programs, summer day camps, cultural arts and recreation programs; through youth and family counseling services, community assistance, referral, and senior support services; through awareness and prevention initiatives, special events, and community meetings.

Check out what NIA's been up to lately .

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NIA’s Storming Steppers Interview NBC News’ Ida Siegal

The Storming Steppers of  NIA/New Voices recently conducted a remote interview with NBC News Correspondent and children’s book author Ida Siegal. NIA Program Director Meredith Burns, herself a star of stage and screen, filmed and edited a video of the session. The Steppers are part of the Step It Up NYC program. The team’s social cause is female empowerment.
Watch it here!

The Steppers delivered what one pundit called “an awesome performance and message” at the Step It Up Semi-Finals, providing “one of the highlights of the afternoon... Their cheering section afterwards also stole the show!”
See for yourself!

Assistant Principal Linda A. Romano of IS 227 Honored

On November 3, 66th Street and 16th Avenue, Brooklyn was the scene of a street co-naming ceremony, posthumously honoring Assistant Principal Linda A. Romano. A well-loved AP at IS 227 Edward B. Shallow until her untimely death in 2011, Ms. Romano was, according to NIA Program Supervisor Vera Ekht, “a great educator, a wonderful person, and a great supporter of NIA who was always there for the kids.” The service was very touching and emotional for the many former students and colleagues who were in attendance.

NIA After-School Students Become Pen Pals

Students from the NIA Advantage After-School program at PS 95 visited students in NIA’s Citizens of the World (CWC), Crown Heights program. These students have been pen pals since February and this was their first opportunity to meet. (Many of the students had spoken to each other via video chat twice before.) After arriving at CWC, the pen pals were able to talk in person over pizza and ice cream sandwiches, then play together in the school yard.

All of the pals learned something new about another school in another part of Brooklyn. Those who were not able to participate, including younger students, have expressed interest in participating in this program in the future. What a great way to make new friends!

The NIA Domestic Violence Awareness Program aims to increase public awareness of the signs of domestic violence, elderly and relationship abuse and their knowledge of resources for assistance.

Domestic Violence Resources:

  1. New York State Domestic Violence Hotlines
    In NYC: 1-800-621-HOPE (4673) or dial 311

NYC Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence

Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence:
2014 Fact Sheet

NIA Program Cancellation Policy

In order to stay informed, we encourage all parents to check the following sources for more information any time a citywide emergency or major storm occurs:

Check the Department of Education Website for information on school closures (and therefore, program closures): www.schools.nyc.gov

Watch the following television stations for news reports: WCBS (Channel 2), WNBC (Channel 4), WNYW (Fox Channel 5), WABC (Channel 7), WNYE (Channel 25), Univision Channel 41, and “NY 1” (Channel 1 on cable television).

Listen to any of the following radio stations for news reports: WINS (1010 AM), WCBS (880 AM), WABC (770 AM), WLIB (1190 AM), WADO (1280 AM), WBLS (107.5 FM), WNYE (91.5 FM).

Call your child’s school for more information.

Call your child’s NIA Program Director or the NIA main office for more information.

Check the NIA website for special alerts: www.niabklyn.org

Expect to receive an email or phone call from NIA with more information. You can join the NIA’s email list by signing up on the bottom left-hand corner of the NIA website and responding to the confirmation email (or provide an email address to your child’s NIA Program Director at any time).

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of program closures, all parents are responsible for having their child picked up during their regular school dismissal time and making alternate childcare arrangements. NIA is not responsible for providing care on days when citywide closures occur. Parents are required to provide their child’s NIA Program Director with emergency contacts (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) that would be available to care for their child in the event of program closures.

How NIA builds communities

  • NIA after-school programs foster positive youth development, teach new skills, and encourage exploration and learning.
  • NIA provides information, assistance or referral to government services and benefits available to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers.
  • How NIA engages youth workers

    • NIA offers intentional work-based learning opportunities with enriched learning experiences that can inform youth about career and educational options.
    • NIA engages youth workers to address their developmental tasks and personal interests, helps develop their workforce skills, offers opportunities for leadership and service to others, and brings youth input, making our programs more relevant.
    Read more about How NIA engages youth workers

What people are saying

Our daughter Ava is growing up so fast. Virtually right before our eyes, despite
my husband and I attempting to take all the credit. Realizing such a transition, it becomes apparent that without the NIA ExpandEd program in our daughter's school, she would not have received the opportunities to flourish the way she has; including, participating in several shows, Common Core test preparation, and more recently, a contributing role in Annie Kids. Thank you NIA! Your continuous quest for development has brought the absolute best out of our child!" 

Allison Philippin

Our new after-school program, run by NIA, is thriving. The students are not only involved in a range of activities from sports to the arts, they also get assistance with schoolwork. I want to thank Ms. Meredith Burns, director of our NIA program, for her dedication to our children and all of her hard work."

Frank Giordano, Principal
New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts

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Michael A. Bové, President
Mary Anne Cino, CEO
Rosa Casella, Executive Director

NIA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions are tax deductible
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