We have been providing valuable, free, and affordable support services to children, youth, families, seniors, and businesses for over 30 years.


Recognizing the many difficulties and complex issues facing our community, the NIA Counseling Program strives to ensure progress toward our vision that participants will experience an improved quality of life. Counseling sessions emphasize skill building, and how to employ those acquired skills to promote personal satisfaction, and build self esteem.

Using our proven record and demonstrated knowledge in counseling, our program empowers clients and helps them reduce risk factors and increase protective measures that will help solve problems. Under the umbrella of sensitivity, caring and professionalism, the NIA provides counseling, direction, education, and assistance to whomever seeks its welcoming hand.





NIA is committed to providing high quality services to our community.
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The NIA provides senior citizens with information and assistance with social service issues such as Medicare prescription drug coverage, HEAP, MTA reduced fare Metro Cards, Access-A-Ride, flu vaccination programs, and healthcare proxy documents.

The NIA also provides resources to seniors on important issues such as healthy living, disaster preparedness, managing assets, and personal safety.

In partnership with local elected officials, NIA sponsors senior citizen picnics and senior prom events that serve more than 1,200 seniors each year.


I like being at NIA because you get to be yourself.
— NIA Atfter-School Student, PS 204
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NIA strives to strengthen communities through our community outreach initiatives. NIA leads a domestic violence awareness program, provides confidential support and referrals, and promotes conflict resolution and anti-violence strategies in youth programs.  

NIA is a CBO SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) distributor. Families, individuals, and seniors can be pre-screened with guidance from an NIA SNAP advocate. Recertification can also be done at the NIA Main Office as long as it is for SNAP benefits only. Clients receiving SNAP and disability combined benefits must recertify with their center. See more information about SNAP here.

NIA incorporates community service projects into all youth programs, bringing program participants into local food pantries, animal shelters, hospitals, senior centers, and gardens. For over 30 years, NIA has demonstrated a commitment to community service.


NIA is a place where students develop tools necessary to realize their individual talents and embrace the larger world.
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