NIA values our solid partnerships with the schools we serve. We believe in meaningful, and open communication. We consider our schools as equal partners in the program planning process.
— Annette Scaduto, Director of Program Operations, NIA

after-school programs

NIA’s comprehensive after-school programs enrich participants with new skills that help them grow into well-rounded and confident adults. NIA is working together with schools to provide students with 35% more learning time, along with helping youth develop the social intelligence and leadership skills needed to prepare them for future careers.

Expanding the school day by providing programs that include extra time for help with homework, performing and visual arts, physical education, and more allows us to close the opportunity gap that many students face. Creating a seamless day between traditional school hours and our after-school programs creates gains in academics, enhances learning, and develops social and emotional growth in our participants. 



skill development 

NIA employs a holistic approach to help each youth develop their capabilities by designing activities that integrate positive youth development principles and skill development that broaden student abilities to support their emotional, social, academic, creative, and physical growth. Youth provide input and actively participate in the planning, design, and implementation of our programs. This experience enhances their skills, and contributes to building programs that are effective and relevant to their needs and aspirations. NIA provides comprehensive in-school, ExpandEd day, and after-school services that offer the opportunity to participate in enrichment through visual and performing arts, science, literacy, sports, fitness, leadership, and community building activities.


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Each child who attends NIA after-school programs is presented with the opportunity to leave feeling special with lasting memories of their time spent having fun, learning and making new friends.


High quality, high impact

NIA takes pride in its ability to deliver high quality, high impact programs that have a clearly defined purpose. Key elements of all NIA after-school programs include a range of age appropriate activities, and hands-on projects. NIA's well-trained staff makes sure that there's a strong connection between the program, the school day, and home in a fun and structured environment. 

building knowledge

We value our solid partnerships with the schools we serve through numerous initiatives including New York City's Comprehensive After-School System of NYC (COMPASS) that helps young people build knowledge, skills and self-confidence and nurtures their aspirations through a variety of high quality enrichment opportunities. Through open communication, we aim to provide each of our partners with specific support services that align with their school’s focus, or programs and activities that they may not otherwise be able to offer their students. NIA's tight bonds with our school partners helps generate many benefits for the youth we serve.

NIA Community Services Network brings together various stakeholders and audiences, building on diversity as a strength and working in partnership with others to achieve positive results in the communities we serve.



NIA works tirelessly to build lasting, and productive relationships with our school partners. Each of our programs are fine tuned to meet the specific needs of the schools that we partner with. NIA Program Supervisors and Program Directors work closely with principals, teachers, students, and parents to create program activities that enrich learning, nurture social and emotional growth, and fulfill the distinct needs of our after-school participants. If your school is interested in partnering with NIA, please feel free to contact us. Our Director of Program Operations, Annette Scaduto, can be reached by email at, or by phone at 718-236-5266. We look forward to working with you to build a brighter future!

One of the most successful aspects of NIA after-school initiatives has been the focus on leveraging community partners to provide experiences that youth might not otherwise be able to access through the school day.
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Summer camps are a great way to continue exploring, learning, and discovering new interests in a fun and relaxing way.
— Rosa Casella, Executive Director, NIA
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NIA recognizes that keeping children interested in learning, and engaged throughout the summer is a significant need. We offer summer day camps that provide a safe, fun, and educational setting for children. Camps have limited space, so we encourage parents to register their children as soon as possible. Summer Camp activities include a variety of visual and performing arts, STEM, physical education, active play, leadership, field trips, and much more!


Download the summer camp application for DYCD programs form here.

See more information on our 2019 summer camp offerings here.


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Use the summer wisely. We encourage students to participate in NIA’s summer day camps to have fun, and never stop learning.
— Rosa Casella, Executive Director, NIA
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