The NIA is seeking high-energy, talented individuals with a positive attitude and a strong interest in youth development to join our team.

We seek individuals who have a real interest in making a tangible difference in the communities we serve.

We offer more hands-on opportunities that allow you to directly experience the positive outcomes of your work.



NIA offers intentional work-based learning opportunities with enriched learning experiences that can inform youth about career and educational options.

NIA engages youth workers to address their developmental tasks and personal interests, helps develop their workforce skills, offers opportunities for leadership and service to others, and brings youth input, making our programs more relevant.

Collaborative, project-based learning opportunities allow students and workers to actively engage one another, build positive peer relationships, and develop research and communications skills.


NIA complies with all Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations and with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

I just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing summer I had working at NIA. It was truly a learning experience and opportunity to grow for me.
— Leighton, NIA Summer Employee
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Help NIA continue providing the programs and services

the children, elderly and families of our community need.