A primary focus of the work we do centers around children and youth with emphasis placed on providing after-school programs that foster positive youth development, teach new skills, and encourage exploration and learning.
— Mary Anne Cino, CEO, NIA


NIA Community Services Network, Inc., founded in 1981, is a not-for-profit community service organization dedicated to addressing issues that impact youth, families, and seniors. NIA’s mission, "Building strong children, strong families and strong communities," is evidenced each day through programming that directly supports and enriches the lives of children and families we serve at 30 sites located in the diverse and underserved neighborhoods of New York City.

A primary focus of NIA’s work centers around expanded day and after-school partnerships that serve several thousand students daily, encouraging exploration and learning through the arts and sciences, teaching new skills, providing opportunities for exercise, and fostering positive youth development and healthy lifestyle choices. We are working today to help develop our leaders of tomorrow!

We offer a safe, encouraging, and stimulating environment where youth can receive academic support, explore new things, and cultivate character and a positive self image.



Michael Bové


Jerry Saporito
Vice President

Joseph Aievoli
Board Member

Deborah Iemma
Recording Secretary

Mario Costantino
Board Member

Joseph Iervasi

Ida D'Amelio
Board Member

NIA promotes an atmosphere of community participation by advocating for positive change that brings diverse stakeholders together to tackle the most pressing challenges of our communities.
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Mary Anne Cino
Chief Executive Officer

Vera Ekht
Program Supervisor

Sarah Harlow
Director of Education

Barbara Turchio
Administrative Assistant

Rosa Casella
Executive Director

Jennifer Padilla-Howard
Program Supervisor

Salvatore Turchio
Human Resources Director

Paul Jackson
Administrative Assistant

Phyllis Smeragliuolo
Assistant Executive Director

Anastasio Pollari
Program Supervisor

Franca Bové
Site Supervisor

Alyssa Silver
Budget Manager

Annette Scaduto
Director of Program Ops

Ian Pruneda
Program Supervisor

Senja Frangipani
Community & Health Liaison

Bryan Yang
Communications Specialist

It is because of this program that I am able to continue to work, knowing that my son is in a safe environment.
— Theresa, Parent



PS/IS 104
Bianca Naco, Program Director

PS/IS 121
Vanessa Sosa, Program Director

IS 187
John Hederman, Program Director

IS 229
Iris Chan, Program Director

IS 239
Tom Fortunato, Program Director


IS 303
Michaela Stone, Program Director

IS 609
LaToya Ifill, Program Director

PS 10R
Tiffany Cruz, Program Director

PS/IS 30
Darryl Robinson, Program Director

PS 52R
Christine Agnello, Program Director

IS 468
Tiffany Bruce, Program Director

PS 532
Yemisi Nassirou, Program Director

Ingrid Marte, Program Director

CWC-Crown Heights
Jibrail Nor, Program Director

IS 98
Sean Hunt, Program Director


PS 95
Shanelle Jenkins, Program Director

PS 186
Vivian Barreto, Program Director

PS 192
Monique Wynn, Program Director

PS 247
Kathy D'Antuono, Program Director

IS 281
Kevin Richtback, Program Director

PS 229
Linda Panza, Program Director

PS 204
Kim O'Connell, Program Director

PS 627
Nella Mupier, Program Director

IS 443
Aaron Porchia, Program Director

IS 227
Tony Tartaglia, Program Director


I have watched this program push my own daughter to reach her full potential.
— Allison, Parent
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