Building strong children,
strong families and
strong communities.
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What we do

NIA Community Service Network's mission, "Building strong children, strong families and strong communities," is evidenced through our vital work that directly supports and enriches the lives of so many each day. NIA has developed important partnerships and programs that are designed to help improve the quality of life for all children, youth, families, seniors and businesses.

Thousands of participants are served each year in NIA after-school programs, summer day camps, cultural arts and recreation programs; through youth and family counseling services, community assistance, referral, and senior support services; through awareness and prevention initiatives, special events, and community meetings.

I am very happy that there is an after-school program for working parents, and I will always advocate for quality programming in our neighborhoods.
— Shauna, Parent
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Building communities

NIA after-school programs foster positive youth development, teach new skills, and encourage exploration and learning.

NIA provides information, assistance or referral to government services and benefits available to the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers.

Over 80% of the families in our school population qualify for free lunch, and 25% of the student population are English Language Learners.





NIA offers intentional work-based learning opportunities with enriched learning experiences that can inform youth about career and educational options.

NIA engages youth workers to address their developmental tasks and personal interests, helps develop their workforce skills, offers opportunities for leadership and service to others, and brings youth input, making our programs more relevant.

Collaborative, project-based learning opportunities allow students and workers to actively engage one another, build positive peer relationships, and develop research and communications skills.

Our new after-school program, run by NIA, is thriving. The students are not only involved in a range of activities from sports to the arts, they also get assistance with schoolwork.
— Frank Giordano, Principal, New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts
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